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Seven Stars Auto Garage

Seven Stars Auto Garage is a fully equipped vehicle repair and service centre in Abu Dhabi’s industrial area. With 38,500 sq. metres dedicated to state of the art technology and manpower, Seven Stars Auto Garage sets the benchmark for aftersales vehicle care, repair and scheduled maintenance. Our service offerings range from maintaining extensive fleets to providing restoration and aftermarket care for individual customers looking for extraordinary value.

Our value proposition is the provision of expert maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities for fleets, insurance cases and even one-off cases. All our repairs are backed by robust guarantees, and use only genuine parts sourced from authorised dealers. Our state of the art automotive repair and overhaul facility falls under the Seven Stars Group umbrella, creating strategic synergies with the Group’s complementary businesses.

Visit us and find out why our clients swear by our ability to revert vehicles to pristine condition and generate genuine value for our clients. To find turnkey maintenance, repair and upkeep solutions for vehicle fleets, or loving care for individual vehicles, contact one of our customer service experts.

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