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Customers are first. We will provide service to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Continuously seeking new technologies and concepts to keep our customers at the forefront of Technology. Seven Stars research and development section is exploring new solutions which will increase the efficiency, professionalism and profitability of the companies. 

The Seven Stars Commitment

To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our work must meet the highest standards, those of our customers.

Seven Stars Technology LLC is an IT systems integration company in United Arab Emirates. Seven Stars provides end to end solutions supporting the industry's most advanced information technologies, including Security Systems, Access Control, Structured Cabling, Computer Systems, lighting Control, audio visual, networking systems (hardware and software) and application software solutions. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions and services. We provide services for residential to large establishments. Please visit our new website
Security is not a Product of Chance

Theft and vandalism cost business millions of Pounds each year. But with Seven Stars, Security and CCTV on your side, you can have a highly effective and affordable tool against these crimes and others.


Our CCTV solutions can help you better deter theft, detect fraudulent liability claims and document events so that your entire business can be more protected. CCTV is also a tool you can use to help improve employee productivity and numerous other business efficiencies.


We offer full monitored CCTV systems with hundreds of cameras, to small shops and businesses, full CCTV Digital recording and offsite monitoring ensures we have a solution to suit your needs, we only use the latest industry standard CCTV equipment there are "cheap and cheerful" systems but these are inferior quality and have very poor reliability records.


We understand that in the event you need to use the CCTV after a theft or to identify a shop lifter for example you need to be confident that the kit is working day after day.


That's why we install high quality CCTV equipment and maintain it to a very high standard. 

Security Services (Indoor & Outdoor)

Seven Stars Technology solutions are based on the following systems, their combinations or any other new technology developed by our principals in the security field. 

  • CCTV- Surveillance- Television Monitoring System field. 

  • Access Control and Chip card applications

  • Intercom system/ control stations/ Explosion proof units 

  • Security barriers, Gates, Fencing, Guard pegging.

  • Outdoor & Perimeter Surveillance

  • Intrusion & detection system: Video Alert System tracking and digital recording 

  • Integrated Interactive Security Management System. 

Audio Visual Systems

Seven Stars designs enhanced Audio Visual Communication systems to complement your IT network and where possible build them into your existing network or on to a new separate network to ensure you can get the optimum from your investment at all times. Whilst ensuring the technology works, looks good and is easy to use.


We advise on everything from size and type of display to audio enhancements, environmental colours, lighting, sound, acoustics, touch controls and air conditioning.


Once you’ve made an investment, we offer training, support and maintenance programmes to make sure your company gets the most of your Audio Visual Conferencing systems.


Making the most of AV and conferencing creates opportunities to exploit new flexible working methods and Edge Vision has the experience to help you exploit them.


Our goal is to offer our clients solutions based around the latest technology and products and to deliver them to the very highest standards. 


Services we provide offer:


  • Audio visual design.

  • Back ground music & announcement system.

  • Video conferencing System.

  • Home theater solution.

  • Meeting room solution.

  • Intelligent remote control system for special task.

  • PA Sound system analysis and comprehensive setup. 

  • Touch panel control system.

  • Video Signature.

  • Annual maintenance contract and servicing of all audio and video products.

"A new approach to an old problem, Structured Cabling Explained"


Structured cabling replaces all the different cabling with a single cabling system, which covers the whole building for all voice and data (including CCTV and video) requirements.Seven Stars Technology LLC. Specialize in the Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of network cabling systems and associated hardware.


Service we provide includes:

  • CAT 5, CAT 6 Cabling.

  • Single and multi-mode UTP Coaxial Cabling. 

  • Fiber-optic installation / termination.

  • Structured cabling installation.

  • Networking solution & ongoing maintenance. 

Structured Cabling Systems
Buisness Partnership

By developing a partnership with our customers, we share the responsibilty for satisfying buisness objectives.

We will conduct buisness in an ethical, legal and socially responsible fashion. Our intergrity will never be compromised.

Seven Stars Technology Advantage








AVLView GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

A simple, easy to use web based software for GPS vehicle tracking. No limits, works with most of the GPS tracking devices available in the market.


Always on track, AVLView GPS software helps drive your buisness up. 


Call us now for a live Demo !!!


Features of AVLView GPS Software includes:

  • Live GPS Tracking - Monitor your vehicles 24/7

  • Fleet Analytics - Smart Information for smart decisions

  • Eliminate Unauthorized Usage - Save Fuel and Time

  • Operating Expenses - Analyze monthly expenses and cut losses

  • History and Backup - Upto 6 months backup on-demand

  • One View Dashboards - Information overview at a glance

  • Fuel Management - Cut down fuel expenses

  • Charts and Reports - Buisness Intelligence at your fingertips

  • Temperature Monitoring - Manage your reputation

  • Digital Dispatch System - Delivery made easy

  • Rental Management - Taxi Booking with live monitoring

  • Vehicle Service & Maintenance - Keep a log on periodic services

  • Budget Friendly Tracking - To suit all your needs

  • Notification Alerts - (Geofence, Speeding, Aircon) 

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