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Thank you for your interest in Seven Stars. 
Seven Stars is always on the watch for smart, inventive, hard working people - people like you ! Opportunities for your success and the company's continued success are boundless.
List of Jobs Available are listed below. The list is revised monthly, hence these positions are available as of now.
Please send us the job applications with Subject as :
"Application for (Job Title) from (Your Name)"
Please send us the resume via

Available Positions at Seven Stars:

Admin Jobs

  1. Branch Manager

  2. Operations Manager

  3. Insurance Estimator

  4. Sales & Marketting Assistant

  5. HR Assistant

  6. Accounts Assistant

  7. Collection / Recovery Specialist

On Field Jobs

  1. ​Transport Co-ordinator

  2. Drivers (Heavy)

  3. Drivers (Light)

  4. Bus Monitors for School Transportation

  5. Chiller/HVAC Technicians

  6. Heavy Duty Mechanics

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