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Syngeries that Deliver for Customers

Seven Stars Group benefits from the mutual synergies created within Seven Stars businesses. For instance, our newly opened Seven Stars Auto Spare Parts sister concern delivers original parts for a vast range of vehicles through a broad network of authorised and vetted dealers. It can also source aftermarket parts based on customer request.
When it comes to arranging replacements for cars under maintenance, or bolstering a business’s transport fleet, our sister company Seven Stars Rent A Car specialises in providing turnkey transport solutions for businesses and individuals, with a fleet that includes budget options, superb luxury cars, buses for labour transport, and pickups that make easy work of heavy tonnage.
The Seven Stars Group gives us access to unparalleled resources. For instance, we benefit from a facility dedicated to in-house storage for diesel, lubricants and tyres. The Group’s financial strength gives Seven Star Auto Garage the capital and resources needed to invest in cutting edge machines, and fully computerised solutions for automobile repair and maintenance. Seven Stars Auto Garage is also turning an eye towards aftermarket modifications, and is setting up a dedicated division for world class, finely crafted body kits and accessories.
All this means our customers benefit from superb aftersales service for individual vehicles and fleets at highly competitive costs, with the rapid availability of parts, equipment and aftermarket accessories.
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