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School Transport

For over two decades, Seven Stars School Buses Transportation is renowned in the field of School Transportation previously in the name of Seven Stars Rent A Car and Five Stars General Transport Est. 


Being in this field for quite a long period of time, Seven Stars School Buses Transportation is well committed in providing a dependable service to our customers by maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism and continually striving to exceed the expectations of all those who come into contact with.

Our Team

Seven Stars School Buses Transportation is dedicated in providing a high quality service in the field of Transportation. We attribute our success to our people and their commitment to work. These motivated professionals are all working to meet a high quality customer service standard that the school, parents, and students deserved.

Front Office

Operations Manager – will assign all respective buses and drivers daily. He will make sure that all school trips will be having a smooth flow on student’s journey to and from the school. If ever some incident happens such as bus breakdown, he/she will immediately deploy a backup vehicle in order to transfer the students and at the same time, parents will not be worried as well. 

School Coordinators – will designate bus monitors for each route and make sure to provide the parents with necessary information about the contact no. of Bus monitors, pick up and drop off time and location. They will make sure that all buses are having bus monitors, and at the same time, buses and driver’s will come and leave the school on time. 

Bus Drivers - are fully trained on roads safety standards and have a very good knowledge in Abu Dhabi route. They are well presented by their uniforms and are ready to back up the Bus Assistants as and when required.

Bus Assistants - are all having a location test before being assigned into one area. We make sure that Bus assistants are well versed on the route which is assigned to them. They are all in uniform equipped with mobile phones whom the school representative and parents can communicate with, regarding their current location during the journey. We even also have stand by Bus Assistants just in case the assigned Bus Assistant can’t come, we can immediately deploy another one who is also trained to handle the trip. 

School Transport Fleet

Yellow Coloured Buses

Double Flashing Lights

Fully Air-Conditioned Buses

Tinted Glasses

Equipped with Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Box

Stop Arms

Reflective Stripes


Installed with indoor and outdoor CCTV Cameras

Speed Limiter

Support Team

Back Office Team – are ready to assist you anytime for your concerns, request and queries. You can contact them anytime from 08:00 in the morning until 08:00 in the evening. You can reach them at below mentioned contact details:

Accountant – are there to provide you an accurate record of your accounts. All requests of quotations, invoices, statement of accounts and certifications will be verified and approved.

Cashiers - are well trained on receiving any mode of payment from our parents. They are responsible in collecting your fees and make it sure that parents will be attended in a prompt and polite manner.

Other Services Offered

Apart from transporting children to and from the school, we are also transporting classes and group of students to various activities or field trips organized by their schools. 


We also offer exam bus and bus for extra classes for the convenience of the students.

Terms & Condition and Student Application form will be available on our website soon.
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